Our Charming Hacienda in Cabo

As we made our way off the airplane, down the awkwardly placed ramp we realized that Cabo San Lucas was going to be different. Forget what you know about “paradise”, forget what you think it looks like – Cabo was a desert. A dusty desert, with mountains and roads that look like they lead to nowhere. Like you, my wife and I were surprised by what we saw. We thought we’d be seeing fantastic beaches and lush trees.

As we travelled to our resort – there was a large accident that had shut down the toll road – we got to see the city. It was interesting to see what had made it to the town from America and what was local. Somehow 7/11 made it and a single Subway. Continuing our journey along the main road we excitedly waited until our resort or some semblance of  lush green trees and beach front property appeared. But again, Cabo San Lucas is a desert. Then, like out of a movie, we came around the bend and saw the water, the decadent resort and brightly colored buildings. We had made it to Hacienda Encantada! The large arch with the resort’s name welcomed us and we couldn’t be happier. Our flight had been delayed a couple hours and then another hour on the tarmac, so by the time we arrived the deodorant had given way and we were smelly tourists. Upon arrival we received nicely scented white face towels, which felt heavenly after the plane ride. I think at that point if that was the only luxury we had received I would have been happy.


The staff was upbeat and helpful getting us checked in and on our way in just a few minutes. The room we stayed had a fantastic view of the water and the awesome Cabo San Lucas arch! We had dinner at the resort. It was a Mesquite grill, but of course, being from Texas we got fish. Why get a steak when we have that in spades back home? Dinner was great and the views were breathtaking. The sun was setting over the bay, creating its own Instagram filter for everyone to enjoy. A cruise ship was sailing out of the bay and the waves crashed against the rocky shores; creating a scene that you can never forget.

After dinner we decided to explore the resort and wound up at the main pool area. While there we heard this loud, crushing noise. As we approached the end of the cliff we saw large waves playing their thunderous notes on the rocks below us. The rocks were illuminated by the half-moon above us, creating an almost eerie, but beautiful site. However, the nighttime site was nothing compared to the scenery during the daytime!


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