Enjoying Bean Town

For our 4th anniversary my lovely wife and I travelled to Boston, MA. I had been there a few years ago for my cousin’s wedding and was only able to spend about 22 hours in the city. In that short time I knew I had to go back, so why not go with my favorite travel partner.

We were able to stay at my aunt and uncle’s apartment on the South End near Copley Square, which was fantastic. Their place looked like one of those model rooms/apartments you see in IKEA.

As I ventured out to find some coffee on day one, I was blown away by Boston’s ability to blend their historical roots with the modern play place it has become.

Late 19th/Early 20th century apartments with Boston’s financial district skyscrapers in the background.

Boston was one of those cities that really puts you at ease, the people are friendly enough and there is always something new and fun to learn. For example, the picture in this portion is of the first Fire Station in Boston. It hasP9032876.JPG been renovated into a School of Architecture and to the left are the original stables that housed the horses that pulled the Fire Coach. Like the Fire Station, the stables had also been renovated and turned into a restaurant. This trend continued as we saw the same with Starbucks and the Old City Hall, which has been turned into a Ruth Chris Steakhouse. As we ventured through the city, we really liked how walkable it was. If you’ve ever tried to drive in Boston, it is a nightmare, but a dream for those who like to explore on foot. Also, the transit system was great, it was about $15 for a 7 day pass on the subway.

We to the subway from Copley Square to the Boston Commons and enjoyed the sunny day out and about. Boston Commons is a great park/historical landmark in the middle of the city. There is always something going on and it is a great place to spend time with kids and family.

One of my favorite places was Copley Square though. I have a real soft spot for architecture and older churches. So when I saw the Boston Library and Trinity Church in the same place I had to stop to take a look. Trinity Church was built in 1877 and was gorgeous on the inside with its beautiful marble, flying buttresses, a massive organ and wonderful stained glass windows.

Another great thing about Boston is the FOOOOOODDD!!!! Food is always the best part of any trip. One, because more often than not, it tastes pretty good. And two you always get to eat something new! Jasmine found this restaurant called The Beehive located in the theater district. A little backstory on this: one of our favorite restaurants in Abilene is called The Beehive which has the BEST steak in town. Give it a visit if you’re ever in town (#shamelessplug). Anywho, back to Boston’s Beehive. This little spot was an eclectic fusion of Northern African, Middle Eastern delights with Contemporary American dishes. Jasmine had the Johnny Cake (think pancake) with sofrito pork, avocado, and pico

de gallo (see in picture). I had the daily special which was greens, eggs, toast and Moroccan hash (also see picture). This place was not what we were expecting but the food was delicious and the service was great. It was a nice day out so we sat outside, which I guess is rare, because the maître d’ asked if we had reservations and looked surprised when I said no. He probably knew we were tourists at that point and did a good job at finding us a table quickly. Overall this was a great restaurant and we will definitely be back to sit inside so we can enjoy the artsy interior.

We continued our culinary adventure buy having a North Eastern mainstay – A Lobster Roll! My cousin treated us to B&G Oysters’ mouth watering lobster roll. The lobster was chilled and decadentwp_20160903_18_18_41_pro, seasoned with dill, lemon and other toppings. The cilantro fries added a nice crispiness to the meal.

On the last day I surprised Jasmine with our anniversary present: A Lighthouse Brunch Cruise around Boston Harbor. The narrator of the cruise was very enjoyable and got to know all of the “general public” passengers. I say “general public” because we just so happened to be on the same cruise as the incoming freshman class of the Boston Consortium, which was fun, until one of the students started showing off his voice…by singing every Nicki Minaj song he could remember. The cruise was complete with a waffle bar, meats, mimosas (for those over 21 of course) and spectacular views of the Boston’s historic light houses and skyline. The narrator found out we were celebrating our anniversary and announced it to the whole ship, which erupted in applause. It was really cool and definitely a fun experience. He also let us go first in line for the buffet which was awesome because we like to eat, haha. The cruise was cut a little short because Hurricane Hermine was on its way causing the currents to be a little more rapid than usual. But we had a great time and would definitely recommend it.

After the cruise we took the train to the creepiest town I have been to: Salem. It wasn’t creepy because of the people but because of the eerie feeling you get when you step off of the train onto the plat form. Almost like the city has a life of its own and it knows it did something bad. I am of course referring to the Salem Witch Trials. The feeling was intensified because we got off the train while the sun was starting to set, casting a multitude of shadows over the town. We made our way to the Salem Witch Trials Museum and listened to the story of what happened. And of course in any story like this you’re hoping to hear something different from what you were told, but no, that wasn’t the case. We had to hoof it back to the train station as we were there on Sunday and the train was running on a holiday schedule, so we would’ve been stuck in the creepy down for another two hours if we didn’t make our train.

One great experience that we sadly don’t have pictures of was getting to the see my best friend, Jason Smith, and his wife Lindsey. They had just moved from Dallas to Boston a few weeks prior. Jason is in Law School and Lindsey is doing her graduate studies at Tufts. It was great to catch up with them and see them thriving in a new city.

Boston was a ton of fun and definitely an experience. Oddly enough though we didn’t have any beans in Bean town, though I think we did just fine without them

Until next time!

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