Wurstfest Was the BEST Fest!

Looking for a unique experience here in Texas? You should consider attending Wurstfest next year (scheduled for November 3 – 12 in 2017). In all of my years living in Texas I had never heard of the amazing Wurstfest. I assumed the festival was German themed (given the title of the event) and I was excited. Little known fact, I was born in Germany and in high school I actually took German as my foreign language planning to return to my “motherland” one day. It still hasn’t happened and quite honestly this festival is the closest I’ve gotten to that dream (haha!).

I had been looking forward to this particular weekend for almost a month because Regi and I were going to hang out with one of my best friends from high school, Alison! You know when you have a friend but you haven’t seen them in years but deep in the depths of your soul you know something is missing? Well that’s how I felt about reconnecting with my friend! She was always the most generous, amazing friend and I could not wait to hang out again.



As a matter of fact, the last semester of my senior year in high school I had to change schools and Alison was the one person who befriended me and made me feel at home. Of course when we reconnected it was as if no time had passed. We resumed our awkward, corny jokes just like always.


In all honesty I had no idea what the festival was celebrating or what would be happening at the fest. On their website it is described as “A ten day Salute To Sausage celebration in New Braunfels, Texas.” They should probably add and a salute to sausage and BEER! and HATS! and POLKA MUSIC/DANCING! It was all things great rolled in to one festival.  It is also described as “A unique celebration rich in German culture and full of Texas fun located in beautiful New Braunfels, Texas! Enjoy good fun, food, special events and the finest in Alpine and Bavarian Style Entertainment.”

I tried pork schnitzel with sauerkraut for the first time and it was delicious! However, craziest part of the entire trip was when I found a beer that I liked. This was shocking for Regi because I have always described beer as dirty carbonated water with an odd after taste! However, I mustered up the courage to try a type of beer called Hefeweizen. Lo and behold the ONE and ONLY beer I will begrudgingly sip on haha!


One of my favorite things about the night were the crazy hats and outfits worn by just about everyone. One guy had a full lederhosen on which was quite impressive. He proudly pranced around but oddly enough did not really stand out as much as you would assume because everyone had on an outfit of some kind.


We had SO much fun meeting everyone and doing something different! I would highly recommend this festival to anyone because there is something for everyone. They have :

1. Family friendly nights

2. Tons of music

3. Tons of beer and food!

Check it out : WURSTFEST DEETS


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