Thanksgiving With the MGs

At least once a year we travel to Washington State to visit the McCabe-Gossett side of the family. We always have an amazing time visiting family and catching up with old friends, however, this visit felt different than most. We’ve all felt the pressure of visiting family for a short amount of time (perhaps an extended weekend) and never quite feeling like you have enough time to see everyone! This year we were in Washington for an entire week and we really felt the difference.

Visiting Regi’s Abuela is always one of my favorite things to do.  Abuela is spicy and remarkably witty; I love her! We sat and chatted about all things memorable that had occurred over the course of the year. I always feel free and comfortable to share with her the things that inspire me, trouble me, and I can always count on her to share her own personal experiences which leave me with a new perspective.  Driving away from her home I always feel a sense of sorrow wishing I could spend more time and share more laughs. I knew I’d see her for Thanksgiving and we could always catch up where we ended.

The next morning we visited downtown Edmonds, Washington. I was excited to visit  MODA , a trendy hair café and day spa! ( and ask for Regi’s cousin, Jessica!). The air was crisp and although it was overcast it was still so pretty downtown.


My haircut experience went well! We had so much fun learning more about one another and sharing stories about our families.


We ventured down to the waterfront and spent a good amount of time in silence taking in our surroundings. The ferry was just up ahead but we could also hear the train whistling by (video of train below) and the waves crashing in to the rocks. It was calming. I could have stayed there all day.


We also had the opportunity to eat dinner with Regi’s Gossett grandparents.  Regi’s father invited us to join as he grilled them some steaks and we enjoyed some one on one time with them as well. My favorite part was listening to the stories they shared of their youth; we laughed a lot and sat back as the two of them reminisced about a period of time before retirement, before they had their sons.  Grandma Gossett was starry eyed as she shared with us the moment the two of them first met at a dance.  Although Grandpa Gossett could not dance the “dance of the era” he still worked up the courage to dance with Grandma. He was struck by her, but Grandma Gossett exclaimed that she made him wait despite his efforts to marry her months later! We enjoyed our meal and laughed heartedly together. Their love for one another was still so apparent and quite frankly inspiring to the two of us.


The next day we had so much fun in China Town which is a portion of downtown Seattle with an amazing explosion of Asian culture! First stop was Green Leaf, a Vietnamese restaurant. From the outside the restaurant was not impressive in appearance but the moment we opened the front door we knew we were in for a delicious experience. Our waitress immediately brought us hot tea and we ordered soft rolls as our appetizer. Regi ordered seafood pho and I had lemongrass chicken vermicelli!!! I could have cried because it was the best I had ever experienced.


Another fun experience was visiting one of my favorite places ever! We went to Chateau Saint Michele and enjoyed a wine tasting! What a treat! Of course we had to grab a couple of bottles for Thanksgiving, too!


Experiencing Thanksgiving with Regi’s family was a treat this year. We had two separate Thanksgivings which meant double the food (no complaints here). Regi and I helped prep the food with the McCabe side of the family. Of course there was time to catch up with family members, too.  In addition to chatting with Abuela again, one of my cousins and I choreographed a dance to an Ariana Grande song, too. How we managed to do all of this and prep for Thanksgiving was beyond me but it was definitely one of my favorite memories.


Thanksgiving with the Gossett side of the family was equally fun and delicious!! We had a fun time discussing politics and the like.

Last but not least we went to the opening night of the Nutcracker! Wow! It was amazing. There were more children in the production this year which added a new element to the ballet but it was neat to see the new interpretation of it.


Somehow we managed to catch up with Regi’s high school friends before we left town. Thank goodness because we had a blast! We watched the Washington State versus University of Washington Apple Cup game and who knew it would be such a crazy event! HA! Good time 🙂


Although it was sad to leave we had a great time this go round! Until next time Washington! XOXO

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