Business Travel: A Snapshot Adventure

I am your typical young (sort of young) professional.  Most of my time is spent engaging physicians at conferences, exhibits, dinners and cocktail parties. My busy life propels me to enjoy the world in a unique way – a way that fuels creativity and delight.

Have you ever wondered how you can make the most of your 24 hour business trip? You get the chance to travel the world, but how can you maximize those three hours between your flight’s arrival and your business appointment? Here is a little formula I use to make my business trips delightful:    

Thankfulness (Engaging + Absorbing – Expectations) = Snapshot Adventure

Throughout your traveling experience combine the skills of engaging with people, absorbing your environment and tempering your expectations. These skills will be exponentially enhanced and influenced by thankfulness!

Once you arrive, use your immediate surroundings for exploration. The fatal flaw is to be sucked into the pursuit of some idealized version of your destination.

 Case in point – I arrive in Boston and my heart sends up a little cry to my mind, “Go to Beacon Hill!” Instead of being driven by my desires and my expectations, I take a five-minute walk to the best eatery in the neighborhood, The Flour Bakery and Café. By deciding to be content and to temper my expectations, I saved 30 minutes!


This little formula will make anything you do delightful — engage with the locals and absorb every detail of your reality. Allow yourself to marvel at the typical and quietly gush over the mundane. See it all with new eyes!

Take time to people watch. Be sure to see the pattern of the shadows on the sidewalk. If your day is filled with twists and turns, then delight in the adventure of the unexpected and laugh at the absurdity of the misfortune. You can truly make anything enjoyable!

In Chicago, I met with a friend for dinner and slipped into a local gem called Little Bad Wolf. We carved out time for breakfast in Old Town before I took off to the airport. All you get is a Snapshot – enjoy every detail.


In York, PA, I used my lunch break to go downtown and eat at a hole in the wall Yelp suggestion within the indoor open market place. Copper Crust is a must! I engaged with a local for 20 minutes and he transported me through time and space to his hometown in Greece. I absorbed the details of the café – calypso music, flour sacks stacked in the corner, a sculpture of Saint Nicholas’ face on the wall (randomness – j’adore).


Engage and Absorb…allow Thankfulness to permeate everything. It is a Snapshot Adventure that you are pursuing. Lean back, relax and enjoy the experience, whatever it may be!

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