about us

We made a commitment during the exchange of our nuptials to seek out opportunities to grow and to explore the world together.

That was September of 2012 when we made a vow of wanderlust and we haven’t stopped!

Whether it be local weekend excursions, domestic family visits or international escapades, travel is a priority to us and is interwoven within the fabric of our marriage.

Given the aforementioned vow, we find it only fair that we share it with all of you!

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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We are the McCabe-Gossett Family! Here’s a little about us:


We met in 2008 while attending Abilene Christian University.

We were friends for a year and then dated for three years and have now been married for an additional four.

So crazy!

We have a dog named Apollo he’s much bigger than the picture below but this was our first “family picture”!


About Regi (Also answers to Reginald-o but mostly Regi)

 I am a Business Manager for an operating room by day and a soccer fanatic by night.

I enjoy crunching numbers and taking to the court/field/track myself for friendly competition and exercise.

NPR and politics junkie, my wife insists that one day I too will take a dive into the world of politics although I highly doubt that…

 About Jasmine (Also answers to JazzyMG and Jazz)

I am a Human Resources Director and wannabe fashionista (aka I’m a sucker for a good sale).

To put it simply I recruit, hire and fire for a living… and then I go home and shop to relieve my stress haha!

I grew up in a military family and was bitten by the travel bug at a young age.